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Understanding carbon emissions of all transactions is the basis for accurate net-zero targets

We are caught in the throes of environmental and social crises and businesses are under tremendous pressure from customers, investors, employees and regulators to increase their positive impact by creating safe and fair workplaces and products while reducing the negative impact of their carbon emissions and waste. Increasingly, the C-suite is expected to deliver a profitable, sustainable and low carbon business transformation. 

SAP Cloud for Sustainable Enterprises delivers company-wide functionality and industry-specific features that can help you embed sustainability in your business processes at scale; enabling you to record, report and act on climate goals and Environmental Social & Governance (ESG) targets with confidence.

• Zero Emissions: Combine Averages and Actuals for End-to-End Environment Management: SAP’s out-of-box integration with ERP systems and carbon accounting approach paves the way for accurate carbon data collection along the entire value chain. The focus on actual carbon footprint data instead of averages increases data auditability and transparency allowing companies to drive impact at the operational level.

• Zero Waste: Accelerate Your Transition to a Circular, Resilient, Sustainable Business: Drive the transition to a circular economy by monitoring regulations, measuring material impacts and designing new solutions that eliminate waste, circulate materials and regenerate natural systems.

• Zero Inequality: Sustain Responsible Business Practices That Positively Impact People: People matter. Embed processes that enable safe operations to ensure decent work, reduce inequalities, and mitigate risk. Transparency across the entire value chain, from the workforce to suppliers, has become central to business success.

• Reporting: Build an Ecosystem for ESG Steering and Reporting: SAP’s holistic sustainability data foundation translates your strategic ESG targets into concrete changes across business processes and maps seamlessly to relevant frameworks for easy reporting.

SAP Sustainability Data Exchange (SDX)

SAP and BT announce a visionary new partnership to show how carbon accounting could be standardised for business customers by piloting the recently launched SAP Sustainability Data Exchange (SDX).

SAP SDX enables BT to collect, trace and share carbon data across its own supplier base, providing unparalleled visibility into the carbon footprint of its business products and services. BT can then share this information directly with business customers when they purchase products through SAP Business Network. Furthermore, BT can complement this with data-driven insights from its Digital Carbon Calculator and Carbon Network Dashboard to help customers optimise their own IT for both carbon and energy.



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