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Welcome to British Science Week 2024!

"Time" was the theme for British Science Week 2024 and we were really excited to be back supporting a special week of activities for schools, with input from experts across BT, industry and academia.

Similar to our successful Virtual British Science Week 2021, Virtual British Science Week 2022 and Virtual British Science Week 2023 events, we launched a new technology topic each day. The week explored all areas of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and looked at how they influence us in our everyday lives. There were bite-sized videos, 'have a go' activities and a live Q&A session, all of which you can still take part in for free. The content is ideal for years 6 - 13 (ages 10 - 18).

Here's Lisa who will give you a brief overview of what our British Science Week 2024 consisted of:

Photo of Lisa
Photo of Lisa
Director of Adastral Park and Research Realisation, BT.

Key qualifications: Bachelor degree in Maths & Biology. Masters degree in Telecommunications.

What does your job involve? My job is amazing! I get to build the very best innovation and science park, to create exciting research and find cutting edge innovations that we can showcase at the park. We work with companies to understand their challenges and to match up the best innovations that will help them.

How did you get into your current role? I joined as a graduate and have had lots of exciting roles. I helped to design the Internet, I created products that meant we can use voice over the internet (like facetime) and I put in the very first superfast broadband technologies (the very first very high speeds!). I have worked as a director of Chief Information Officer across all of BT's businesses and helped to deliver innovations to find and deploy innovative solutions.

What did you want to be when you were younger? I grew up and lived in Africa. So, I always fancied being a game warden, keeping elephants safe from poachers! Now with the IoT sensor technology we have in our teams, we can help game wardens track and monitor game of all kinds and help to keep them protected.

What do you do outside work? I love Stand Up Paddleboarding. I recently went paddling in -2°C and came across an 'Eddy Whirlpool' which disrupted my balance and threw me into the water. It's probably the most cold I have been for a while.

5 subjects over 5 days - find out what we explored

Each day during British Science Week we explored a different topic. We looked at how all of these subject areas require STEM-based skills, whilst also looking at the exciting technology and careers that are involved.

For each subject, you can still watch multiple videos and download the 'have a go' activity pack. Don't forget - if you take part in the activities and watch the videos, it will all count towards the Youth STEMM Awards!

Security: Social Engineering

Security: Social Engineering

In this connected world, our personal data needs to be secure. But it's only as safe as the weakest link. Could that be you?

Networks: 5G

Networks: 5G

From Immersive Spaces to 999, come and explore the transformative power of 5G helping to shape our modern-day lives.

People: Diversity & Inclusion

People: Diversity & Inclusion

Can diversity and technology work together? Let's explore why the answer has to be yes!

Connected Devices: Internet of Things (IoT)

Connected Devices: Internet of Things (IoT)

Ever wondered what happens when your devices start talking?

Artificial Intelligence (AI): ChatBSW

Artificial Intelligence (AI): ChatBSW

Step into the future with AI-powered tech – where science fiction becomes reality.

Live Q&A session

We held a virtual live Q&A session with some of the subject experts who feature in the topics across the days. This gave attendees the chance to ask questions about the daily topic.

The recording is now available for you to watch back - go and have a listen!

Activity packs

We have created an activity pack for each of the 5 days' worth of topics. Download the kit list and prepare the items that you will need for each of the have-a-go activities:

Download kit list

We've also created a briefing pack for teachers/parents with lots more information. This contains details of all the activities to help you plan ahead. Download it here:

Download teacher briefing pack


Meet our hosts

Meet our hosts who helped facilitate each day. They appear in our introduction videos and pop-up throughout the pages to provide extra guidance and context. Find out who they are below.

Photo of Zainab
Photo of Zainab
Apprentice Researcher, BT.

Key qualifications: I'm working towards a digital technology solutions degree as part of the apprenticeship.

What does your job involve? My job involves developing machine learning models to identify hackers and fraudulent activities. It's like being a digital detective to catch bad people online. It's cool because we're keeping the online world safe and secure!

How did you get into your current role? I am a first-year apprentice and have just started my first role in the emerging defence technology team. I joined BT with the help of mentors and by studying hard. I'm very excited to join more projects and develop my skills.

What did you want to be when you were younger? I didn't know what I wanted to be when I was younger, but I did know that I didn't want a job where there was a lot of repetition. I wanted a job where I could see changes in things as they were happening and see differences made to improve things. Since joining BT, I have been able to see lots of this, and it has definitely been exciting.

What do you do outside work? I love baking and cooking and do that a lot, but apart from that, I love going for runs and walks when there's good weather and reading in my room.

Photo of Callum
Photo of Callum
Networks Research Apprentice, BT.

Key qualifications: A-Level (Product Design) & BTEC (Information Technology and Business). Working towards my BSC degree as part of my apprenticeship.

What does your job involve? I am currently working in Future Intelligent operations working on digital twins. The project I am currently working on consists of creating a virtual model of a real-life space. I enjoy this because I get to see my designs being used to help others in real-life.

How did you get into your current role? I joined BT as an apprentice in September 2023 after applying for the role which best suited my previous learning experiences from college.

What did you want to be when you were younger? I always had a passion for technologies and being at the forefront for new tech has always interested me. Being able to make a difference using the future of technologies has been something I've wanted to be a part of for a long time and being able to reflect this in improving the ease-of-life for a population is something which I find rewarding.

What do you do outside work? I enjoy working on my classic car in my spare time as I like to think I am my own self-taught mechanic. If not working on my car I enjoy video games and making products using my 3D printer.

Photo of Dan
Photo of Dan
Technology graduate, BT.

Key qualifications: Degree in maths, and a love for learning.

What does your job involve? Data analysis, sustainability and optimisation research, energy market research, financial modelling.

How did you get into your current role? I applied to the graduate scheme during the final year of my degree.

What did you want to be when you were younger? I wanted to help people. Medicine and teaching were both closely considered.

What do you do outside work? Powerlifting, painting, and taking long hikes.

Who supported British Science Week?

We are really grateful to our supporters who have helped bring together all of this fantastic content:

Find out about more British Science Week

British Science Week is a national programme of events taking place between 9-17 March 2024: a chance to explore the wonders of the universe, meet the scientists whose research has changed our world and debate some big questions with some big-thinkers.

You can find out more about what's going on around the country and online by visiting the British Science Week webpage.

Meet the team

Find out about the team of people who have brought you the content for this event:


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