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Welcome to British Science Week 2022!
"Growth" was the theme for British Science Week 2022 and we were really excited to be supporting a special week of activities for schools, with input from experts across BT, industry and academia.
Similar to our successful Virtual British Science Week 2021 and Norwich Science Festival events, we launched a new technology topic each day. The week explored all areas of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and looked at how they influence us in our everyday lives. There were bite-sized videos, 'have a go' activities and live Q&A sessions all of which you can still take part in for free. The content is ideal for years 6 - 13 (ages 10 - 18).
Here's Luke who will give you an overview of what our British Science Week 2022 consisted of:
Photo of Luke Johnson
Photo of Luke Johnson
STEM Engagement & Customer Showcases Research Manager, BT
Key qualifications: BSc (Hons) in Digital Technology Solutions - Network Engineering.
What does your job involve? My role in Applied Research is split into two. On the one side I take BT's customers through our brilliant technology showcases here at Adastral Park, demonstrating new innovations that can help to solve their business problems. The other half of my role is about inspiring the next generation to embark on exciting STEM careers.
How did you get into your current role? Initially I wanted to be a doctor, but after failing to get into medical school first time around I came to a BT Apprentice assessment centre to help with some interview practise. When I then got offered a role I was in a quandry. But my interest in tech won through and I've not looked back. Since joining I've had roles in physical and virtual network engineering, people management and Secure Platforms. I've met so many brilliant people and been able to do loads of cool things so I have no regrets at all.
What did you want to be when you were younger? A footballer but sadly I wasn't a natural! I then moved onto thinking about accountancy and teaching before arriving at wanting to get into medicine.
What do you do outside work? I've got a season ticket at Norwich City football club which I enjoy going to with my Dad (only when we win!). Since completing couch to 5k a couple of years ago I've got into running but my real favourite recently has been road cycling with friends. We get to go to some cool places, eat lots and not feel guilty as you're burning it all off!
5 subjects over 5 days
Each day during British Science Week we explored a different part of STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. The final day then featured 'STEM in action', where we looked at Robotics and focused on how all parts of STEM are required to work together for this area of Technology.
For each subject, you can still watch multiple videos and download the 'have a go' activity pack. Don't forget - if you take part in the activities and watch the videos, it will all count towards the Youth STEMM Awards!
Digital Forensics
Science: Digital Forensics
Your online footprint is like a crime scene, how can we keep our lives and work secure in the digital world?
Supported by:
BT logo University of Suffolk logo
Technology: Software & Programming
Your modern digital life has been shaped by the fundamentals set out by historical programmers. Understand how the key programming concepts will stand the test of time.
Supported by:
BT logo The Open University logo
Digital Manufacturing
Engineering: Digital Manufacturing
What do a car, a packet of crisps and a computer all have in common? How would you manufacture something with 25,000 parts and 6,000 assembly steps?
Supported by:
BT logo Rolls-Royce logo
Evolution of Computing
Mathematics: Evolution of Computing
Did you know a USB-C phone charger is more powerful than machines which took humans to the moon? How will supercomputers help unlock the mysteries of our Universe?
Supported by:
BT logo University of Cambridge logo
STEM in Action: Robotics
Robots underground, zipping through the air and picking strawberries, the robotic trio of the future you never thought you needed...
Supported by:
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Live Q&A sessions
Each day we held a virtual live Q&A session with our subject experts, which gave attendees the chance to ask questions about the daily topic. The recordings from each day are now available on each of the daily topic pages for you to watch back - go and have a listen!
Activities Pack
We have created an activities pack for each of the 5 days' worth of topics. Download the kit list and prepare the items that you will need for each of the have-a-go activities:
Meet our hosts
Meet our hosts who helped facilitate each day. They appear in our introduction videos and pop-up throughout the pages to provide extra guidance and context. Find out who they are below.
Photo of Steph Bally
Photo of Steph Bally
Applied Research Degree Apprentice, BT
Key qualifications:  Physics, Maths, Electronics A Level. Currently Completing BSc in Digital and Technology Solutions.
What does your job involve? As an apprentice my job is all about learning about the different teams in Applied Research whilst developing my software, business and data analysis skills. I've worked in multiple teams but am currently in the Openreach research team where my role involves both lab based network tests and analysis of current fibre networks.
How did you get into your current role? I'm an apprentice so my career journey is only just starting! I decided I wanted to work in technology after completing work experience where I worked with one of the first versions of the VR headset by Oculus. When I found out that BT would pay for my degree and I could be working full time for them gaining invaluable experience in the field, I knew the apprenticeship was the right choice for me.
What did you want to be when you were younger? I love music and play several different instruments, growing up I wanted to play in a professional orchestra. After completing work experience, I moved my focus onto music production combining my love for technology with music and then when I was introduced to devices like VR and smart homes, I wanted to continue to look at the cutting edge technology so looked for tech based jobs in research.
What do you do outside work? I love music so am always looking for a new song to learn on the piano! I also live right next to the beach and enjoy long distance swimming, kayaking and paddle boarding in the sea.
Photo of Ose Uadiale
Photo of Ose Uadiale
Applied Research Degree Apprentice, BT
Key qualifications: A Level Chemistry, Biology, Maths & Religious Studies. Currently completing a BSc in Digital & Technology solutions.
What does your job involve? As an apprentice, my job is to learn about the different teams in applied research by doing rotations in these teams, working on different projects and expanding my technical and soft skills. Currently, I am in the Converged Multimedia Services research team where my role is to investigate the usefulness of Pervasive Audio in a Seamless call handover.
How did you get into your current role? My apprentice journey is only just starting! I am a first-year degree apprentice. What drew me towards a career in technology was when I realised how much the technology area is expanding and how involved I would be as an apprentice to develop myself and mindset. There are also some things you learn as an apprentice that aren't highlighted in the traditional journey to University. Finding out that I could get valuable experience in the industry whilst working towards a degree from BT's advertisement of degree apprenticeships, I just went for it!
What did you want to be when you were younger? When I was younger, I wanted to do something with music because I loved to sing, and I played the clarinet up until Sixth Form. Then I progressed to wanting to become a medical doctor - a paediatrician to be precise, hence the A level choices!
What do you do outside work? I am a part of the gospel choir at my Church.
Photo of Dan McHugh
Photo of Dan McHugh
Applied Research Degree Apprentice, BT
Key qualifications: Computer Science, History & Economics A Levels. Currently completing my BSc in Digital & Technology solutions.
What does your job involve? I currently work within the Software Defined Networks team, working in our labs to research and test the future network technologies which are crucial to our everyday lives.
How did you get into your current role? As an apprentice I rotate throughout teams in Applied Research. In prior rotations I worked in areas such as Future Cyber Defence and AI & Immersive technologies, exploring the future of VR application development and threat detection.
What did you want to be when you were younger? I wanted to be an architect, but now I model infrastructure in virtual reality instead!
What do you do outside work? I'm a big fan of Ipswich Town football club and enjoy anything sport related.
Who supported British Science Week?
We are really grateful to our supporters in helping to bring together all this fantastic content:
Find out about more British Science Week
British Science Week is a national programme of events taking place between 11-20 March 2022: a chance to explore the wonders of the universe, meet the scientists whose research has changed our world and debate some big questions with some big-thinkers.
You can find out more about what's going on around the country and online by visiting the British Science Week webpage.
British Science Week 2021
This is our second British Science Week. The content from our first week will continue to be available on our British Science Week 2021 site, where we explored the subjects of cyber security, smart cities, creative media, drones and health & sports science.