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Welcome to Norwich Science Festival @ School!
"Hello Future" was the theme for the 2021 Norwich Science Festival and we were delighted to be supporting a special week of activities for schools. You can still get involved in the Adastral Park virtual event, which was supported by experts from across BT, industry and academia.
Similar to our successful Virtual British Science Week, we launched a new topic each day, explored key technologies and looked at how they influence us in our everyday lives. There were bite-sized videos, "have a go" activities and live Q&A sessions all of which you can still take part in for free. The content is ideal for years 6 - 13 (ages 10 - 18).
Meet our hosts who will give you an overview of what the Norwich Science Festival @ School week consisted of:
5 subjects over 5 days
Each day during Norwich Science Festival @ School we explored an exciting subject and the technology behind it. For each subject, you can still watch multiple videos and download the 'have a go' activity pack. Don't forget - if you take part in the activities and watch the videos, it will all count towards the Youth STEMM Awards!
The magic of networks
Ever wondered how 4 & 5G, broadband and Wi-Fi enable you to chat, message, game and watch TV?
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Giving eyes to AI
Artificial Intelligence
How robots and autonomous cars learn to see and how this can clean up the planet. Find out how autonomous systems work together and when we should trust them.
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Optical fibre
Optical Fibre
Full fibre is coming to 25 million homes, but how does it work, how is it deployed and how fast can it go? Be amazed as we introduce you to a whole new way of thinking about glass.
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Digitizing healthcare: The rise of virtual care
As technology improves what will the future of the healthcare system look like? How is AR and gamification technology helping to reduce very high levels of inhaler misuse?
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Tackling climate change with technology
Climate Change
Can technology really help save the planet? What are all the different ways in which our digital daily lives affect climate change?
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Norwich Science Festival at school
Live Q&A sessions
Each day we held a virtual live Q&A session with our subject experts, which gave attendees the chance to ask questions about the daily topic. The recordings from each day are now available on each of the daily topic pages for you to watch back - go and have a listen!
Norwich Science Festival at school
Get ready for Norwich Science Festival
Download the kit list and prepare the items that you will need for each of the five days' have-a-go activities:
Meet our hosts
Meet our hosts who helped facilitate each day. They appear in our introduction videos and pop-up throughout the pages to provide extra guidance and context. Find out who they are below.
Photo of Claire Doyle
Photo of Claire Doyle
Research Professional – Graduate, BT
Key qualifications: General Engineering Degree (Oxford), Programming languages – Python, Matlab
What does your job involve? I work in the Core Network Research team, where I look at ways to automate processes to speed them up and save money. The best part about my job is that I get to work with lots of different people and try out new software – so I am constantly learning. I use python, matlab and many other skills.
How did you get into your current role? I studied General Engineering at Oxford University – and whilst I was there BT sponsored me through my degree. This led me to do an internship with BT – so I worked with them for one summer. After I graduated – last July, I started work with BT in my current role.
What did you want to be when you were younger? I wanted to be a Lawyer (barrister) when I was younger – because I used to love debating and have always been a very chatty person. I got into engineering because of my love of maths and problem solving.
What do you do outside work? I do a lot of sport – like rowing, running, tennis, squash etc! A fun fact about me is that I am a fully trained men's Lacrosse Referee.
Photo of Tom Bowman
Photo of Tom Bowman
Apprentice Applied Researcher, BT
Key qualifications: BSc Digital & Technology Solutions specialising in Data Analytics with the University of Exeter (predicted July 2023)
What does your job involve? As an apprentice I get the opportunity rotate every 6 months into a new team in Applied Research, developing skills in a wide range of different teams. So far I have been in the Network and Diagnostics team, the 5G team and Converge Multimedia Services team researching the best and newest technologies!
How did you get into your current role? I did work experience in Applied Research and new straight away that is where I wanted to be! I then joined the Research apprenticeship programme in 2019 and will finish it in 2023 with a permanent role in Applied Research as a Research Professional.
What did you want to be when you were younger? I wanted to be a football player!
What do you do outside work? I am a massive football fan and in my spare time love watching movies and playing video games.
Photo of Neil Parkin
Photo of Neil Parkin
Research Manager, BT
Key qualifications: MEng in Electronic Engineering and Optoelectronic systems
What does your job involve? I work in the Optical Networks Research team which covers anything were light is involved! A day can involve testing a new type of optical fibre to presenting our research at a global conference and everything in-between. Its always changing and that's why it keeps me interested.
How did you get into your current role? I worked at a nuclear reprocessing plant for five years before I realised that heavy engineering was not for me. I went to University and studied optoelectronics working at HP/ Agilent technologies designing optical transceivers before coming to BT and initially working on DWDM networks before moving into research.
What did you want to be when you were younger? I wanted to be a biologist but earning a living got in the way.
What do you do outside work? I love to run. Everything from 10km to Ultra marathons, if I cannot run then cycling is my next sport of choice and if I cannot run I will be playing with our tortoise called Basil.
Who supported Norwich Science Festival @ School?
We are really grateful to our supporters who helped bring together all this fantastic content:
Find out about more Norwich Science Festival events and activities
Norwich Science Festival @ School was part of a wide programme of events supporting the Norwich Science Festival 2021: a chance to explore the wonders of the universe, meet the scientists whose research has changed our world and debate some big questions with some big-thinkers. The main festival, at The Forum in Norwich between 23-30 October 2021, includes inspirational talks, sensational shows and an abundance of science activities for all ages and all levels of knowledge.