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Our communities
Digitalisation and Industry 4.0 are journeys that'll take time. We know what's out there today – but what's coming in the future? Being successful on this journey will require an ecosystem of partners with different capabilities and perspectives that can come together to resolve both present and future challenges.
Industry organisations
BT are proud to have many customers and partners across the Industry 4.0 landscape, who we openly encourage collaboration with. The hub provides the opportunity for our customers and partners to share their insights and challenges with the wider community, and offer others the chance to link up with them on collaborative projects.
Academia and bodies
There are many issues where "off the shelf" solutions are not available, and this is where we can leverage the range of work carried out by BT's Applied Research division if appropriate, but also link into the wider University research teams through our multiple links into academia, as well as working with bodies such as the Manufacturing Technology Centre. We will also continue to explore other partnership opportunities with similar hubs across the UK and worldwide.
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