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New Virtual Hothouse Offerings!
Published: 8 September 2020
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The Virtual Hothouse is an intensive collaboration session, where all attendees are required to attend for 2 or 3 full continuous days to solve a business problem. Whilst most productive and has the potential to offer the most reward, can often be difficult to arrange due to people’s availability and the difficulty of looking at a screen for hours with other distractions.

To help some overcome these issues, we will also be offering a Virtual Sprint Hothouse, and a Virtual Combi Hothouse.

Virtual Sprint Hothouse
This Hothouse will contain all the usual presentations and team working sessions as a traditional Hothouse, however it will take place over a couple weeks in short sessions.
It is important here that all the documents/reading for the Hothouse is uploaded to a Teams site. This will be so any of the participants can refer back to the business statement, market drivers, or any research presentations from the chosen experts. These presentation sessions should also be recorded and then uploaded to the Teams site as well for reference thought the coming weeks. The Hothouse team will set up all calls, and will arrange special sessions with experts, and project leads to ensure any questions will be answered. This type of Hothouse will be a lot more reliant on trusting teams to be able to work to tight deadlines without the constant team presentation sessions. It will be tricky but should be much easier to fit in with working schedules.

Combi Hothouse
Again, this Hothouse will contain all the usual presentations and team working sessions as described in the traditional Hothouse above, but this time it will take place over a single week with longer sessions, however those sessions will not be full days.

Like the Virtual Sprint Hothouse, the Hothouse team will plan the plenary calls, team session calls, and help with the delivery of the whole event. These sessions will likely be half day with a day in between, and there will be opportunities for attendees to ask questions and understand the market drivers. All documents relating to the Hothouse, including the In-life template and theme experts will be uploaded to the Teams site for attendees to refer to. Any presentations that’s take place will be recorded and uploaded to the Teams site as well.

For more information or to book a virtual Hothouse please contact Adam Oliver or Tom Keenes
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