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New Smart World showcase at Adastral Park
Published: 29 April 2021
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The Smart world showcase at Adastral Park has recently been rebranded and refreshed to bring together IoT, 5G and Mobility into one area. IoT and 5G are enabling customers to do new and exciting things and the new Smart world showcase highlights some of the features that enable this and brings to life how the network handles this.

Technologies and demonstrations currently on show include a Lego Smart City which was created to bring to life and generate discussion on the work BT has done around smart cities. It includes sensors for car parking, smart lights and image recognition, amongst others, and links to a dashboard where activity can be monitored.

We’ve also installed G-Smatt glass which provides an exciting new way to interact with and influence people. It is patented micro LED technology in the construction of laminated smart-glass products. The glass is 99.7% transparent and can be used to provide distinctive and stunning media displays to almost anywhere that has a large enough area of glass.
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