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Knowledge Call: 'Metaverse: Pioneering the Future of Digital Transformation'
Published: 30 June 2023
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Watch our latest Knowledge Call recording on the topic of 'Metaverse: Pioneering the Future of Digital Transformation' which took place on 28th June 2023.

This session is hosted by Adastral Presents in collaboration with our Innovation Hubs and was streamed live from the Knight Studio in Adastral Park, Suffolk. Adastral Park is home to BT Labs the heart of BT's research, development and innovation since 1974.

Hear from our industry experts on their experiences working with the Metaverse. Watch the videos below to learn more about Extended Reality and how it’s used to enhance digital transformation and immersive environments. Also covered is an introduction to the Metaverse and insight into leading edge research which will shape future Metaverse experiences.

Andy Gower, BT

Andy Gower - Head of Immersive Content & Comms Research, BT Research & Network Strategy.
Andy's team in BT's Global Research & Development Centre at Adastral Park is currently focused on exploring how 5G and edge-GPU compute can deliver next generation immersive communication experiences. Andy’s broader interests are concerned with how future XR Metaverse services will revolutionise the way we live, work, play, and connect.
Andy’s presentation offers an introduction to the Metaverse, and covers recent work on 5G delivered cloud-rendered XR experiences, he also provides an overview of a Metaverse Testbed being developed at Adastral Park which is helping us explore future XR Metaverse network requirements and service opportunities.

Brain Waterfield

Brian Waterfield - Head of Immersive Production, Falmouth University, founder of ImmerseUK and the Chair of the UK Metaverse Alliance.
Brian is a pioneering expert in Extended Reality (XR) technology, with over 17 years of experience in driving development, innovation, and immersive visualisation to build trust and reliability in the automotive industry.
He has changed the landscape of XR adoption through research and process change, creating an environment that supports automotive products through their entire development cycle.
His presentation covered the design and engineering of the Range Rover Evoque, touching on manufacturing and digital twins, how ImmerseUK have helped SME's in the southwest, and where we should be shaping technologies to enable the Future of XR.

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