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Knowledge Call: Building Tomorrow's Networks
Published: 1 August 2023
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Watch our latest Knowledge Call recording on the topic of 'Building Tomorrow's Networks' which took place on 27th July 2023.

This session is hosted by Adastral Presents in collaboration with our Innovation Hubs and was streamed live from the Knight Studio in Adastral Park, Suffolk. Adastral Park is home to BT Labs the heart of BT's research, development and innovation since 1974.

We covered a range of topics from examining how we embrace the ongoing evolution of network technology, processes, tools to sustainability in relation to chip development, automation and the associated benefits and security. We were pleased to have Peter Bell, BT, and David Holmes, Nokia, presenting to us on the day.

Peter Bell, BT

Peter Bell - Managing Director Fixed Networks, BT
Peter heads up the Fixed Network organization within Network Services,
this encompasses all of BT’s downstream Fixed network and includes anything from Satellite, Fixed Radio, PSTN and associated classical platforms, to the leading edge optical and IP Core networks for both the UK and Globally.
During this talk he examined how we embrace the ongoing evolution of network technology, processes, tools and our ways of working together to meet the ever changing demands and constraints upon us.

David Holmes

David Holmes - Account Director, Nokia
David has nearly 40 years’ experience within the Telecoms industry, starting out as a hardware and firmware design engineer, and moving through systems engineering, technical sales. David was involved in the early implementation of some ground-breaking and innovative technologies over the years, including SDH, SMDS, ATM, PSTN evolution, Routing, DWDM and virtualisation.
David covered topics including sustainability in relation to Nokia’s investment in chip development, automation and the associated benefits and security - an everchanging threat landscape and how to mitigate accordingly.

Questions and Answers

What are BT's Innovation Hubs?
They are collaboration hubs for end users, industry bodies, academia and technology solution providers to innovate and co-create digital solutions that will drive the necessary pace and scale of change required to meet the sector challenges of tomorrow. It is an open innovation approach whereby BT can bring its world-renowned technical research and innovation expertise along with its global set of academic and commercial partnerships and combine them with end-user opportunities and challenges within the specific chosen sectors.

If you are not already a member of an Innovation Hub and wish to find out more about current Hubs follow the links below to find out more and signup!
Digital Industries Hub : website.
Health Innovation Hub : website.
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