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Adastral Park helps GS go Digitally Native
Published: 21 May 2019
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Participants at DigiCo Hackathon
Vendors attending Adastral Hackathon help create DigiCo, a key component in BT Global Services' vision to reinvent itself as a digital organisation.

BT Global Services (GS) is embarking on an unprecedented journey to revolutionise its IT model in a way that will support the growth of the business for years to come. One of the ways GS will achieve this will be to Introduce a platform called DigiCo, which will support the provision of over-the-top products in an agile, flexible manner following an initial and in-depth strip-back of the current GS IT architecture.

Throughout April, Adastral Park played host to a large number of vendors for a highly interactive, Hackathon style event where they could show off their technical capabilities and demonstrate how they could support the creation of DigiCo. There were vendors presenting tools to support the likes of inventory management, problem root-cause analysis and cross-domain orchestration.

GS is extremely excited to introduce DigiCo as a central element of its Digitally Native business strategy, linking closely with the IT Evolution across BT. The reinvention of GS as a digital organisation provides a once-in-a-generation opportunity to revolutionise the core of the IT infrastructure. The prize will be world-beating customer experience and the agility necessary to successfully exploit the technological revolution in BT's services. There is a buzz around the business to continue interacting with vendors to see proof of concepts of their technology and watch the GS vision come to life.
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