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IOT book now available on Amazon
Published: 10 March 2020
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The Book titled "The Internet of things, from data to insight" was launched last week is available on Amazon.
The book addresses the IoT technology stack, from connectivity through data platforms to end-user case studies, and considers the tradeoffs between business needs and data security and privacy throughout. There is a particular emphasis on data processing technologies that enable the extraction of actionable insights from data to inform improved decision making.

These include artificial intelligence techniques such as stream processing, deep learning and knowledge graphs, as well as data interoperability and the key aspects of privacy, security and trust.

Additional aspects covered include: creating and supporting IoT ecosystems; edge computing; data mining of sensor datasets; and crowd-sourcing, amongst others. The book also presents several sections featuring use cases across a range of application areas such as smart energy, transportation, smart factories, and more. The book concludes with a chapter on key considerations when deploying IoT technologies in the enterprise, followed by a brief review of future research directions and challenges.
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