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Missed any of the presentations, the panel sessions or the Britbots shark tank? Want to see our roving reporter Craig Doyle check out the expo, Digital Industries showcase or the Robotics & Drone lab? Watch them all here on-demand.
Roving reporter
Festival vibes
Join Lisa Perkins, Director of Adastral Park and Research Realisation, on the ground at the Robotics Festival as she chats to some of our festival goers.
Digital Industries showcase
Experience Adastral Park's brand-new showcase being launched at the Robotics Festival and explore what the future of industry could look like.
Discover the technologies being showcased by some of the companies taking part in our Robotics Festival expo.
Robotics & Drone lab
Take a look inside BT's new Robotics and Drone lab and discover how researchers are developing new cutting edge solutions from network deployment robotics to automated fleet management.
Connecting for good. Are you ready for the robotic revolution?
We're in the midst of a perfect storm... Advances in technology across cloud, 5G and control systems, coupled with current socio-economic challenges from rising energy costs, skills shortages to the impacts of the pandemic - means we're poised for an explosion in the adoption of robotics across all industries.
Types of robotics and economic impacts
The presentation will highlight how technology and innovation, including robotics, contribute to long-term UK growth and productivity.
The role and value of robotics within end-to-end Industry 4.0 manufacturing
In this session John will discuss the role and value of robotics within the context of an end to end Industry 4.0 manufacturing scenario.
Accelerating your Robotics Journey with Intel
We create world-changing technology that improves the life of every person on the planet. We engineer solutions for our customers' greatest challenges with reliable, edge to cloud computing, and our Intel Robotics value proposition is no different.
JPL & aerospace robotics
A presentation by Masahiro (Hiro) Ono, NASA.
Technology trends in robotics
Developments in AI, visualization and autonomous mobile technologies are opening up new applications for robotics across many industry sectors from agriculture through manufacturing to logistics.
Machine learning for robotics
A presentation by Amanda Prorok, University of Cambridge.
Bots on the grid, robot picking & autonomous vehicles. Transport & logistics
Ocado Technology is providing the end to end logistics platform for online grocery for some of the world's largest retailers.
MoD Future Capability Group - Accelerating Innovative Technologies into Service
An overview of the Future Capability Group (FCG) within the Ministry of Defence (MoD), demonstrating it's vision in the acceleration of novel and innovative technologies into Defence.
Protect the robots! Securing the future of your manufacturing networks
A presentation by Marcus Josefsson, Nozomi.
Enhancing health and safety in non-manufacturing environments using robotics automation
This talk will focus on: How robotic automation is deployed in non-manufacturing environments to address difficult and dangerous tasks that are carried out today by humans to help them to be safe and healthy.
BT - A future with drones
A presentation by Dave Pankhurst, BT
Neuroinspired robots & next-gen AI
We are sitting in the robotics festival talking about how these machines will augment human intelligence. While AI has done enough in terms of making these machines workable, they still suffer from the curse of dimensionality and getting stuck with patterns.
Autonomous aerial drones: recent advances & future directions
Autonomous aerial vehicles, A.K.A. drones, hold the potential to transform numerous industries. They can gather information, deliver goods, and even move people.
Manufacturing and Autonomous Mobility: Simultaneous localisation and mapping
A presentation by John Leonard, MIT.
Panel sessions
AI & Robotics R&D
A panel session with speakers from Jabra GN, Poly - a HP company, and BT.
A panel session with speakers from MTC, BT, QiO, Dell and Intel.
Making and using robots: views from across the supply chain
A panel session with speakers from ABB, DHL, Bridgestone and BT.
A panel session with speakers from the University of Lincoln, DogTooth, the University of Essex and BT.
A panel session with speakers from NHS and BT.
Britbots: Investor shark-tank
Britbots: Investor shark-tank
Learn about the start-up market for UK Robotics before 5 'shark-tank' pitches from exciting new robotics companies.