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With talks from BT, Cisco, Palo Alto, Zscaler and much more, you'll have the chance to hear from thought leaders and experts from across industry.

During the festival we'll break down the themes of Security and Sustainability into four main focus areas - Emerging technology, Workforce, Regulations and Transformation. Collectively these areas focus on scaling future technologies securely, preparing the workforce with essential skills, ensuring business resilience through compliance, and maximising tech ROI for growth. They encompass the integration of AI, fostering diversity and cybersecurity awareness, navigating global regulations and crises, and promoting sustainable practices in technology and business operations.


Festival speakers

Join our speakers across two festival stages for a day packed full of keynotes, discussions and thought provoking insight.

Kicking off the day, Allison Kirkby (BT Group CEO) and Bas Burger (BT Business CEO), will be sharing some of their insights on security and sustainability thought leadership. They'll the be joined by customers including Matt Rowe (Lloyds) as well as representatives from Rolls-Royce and other organisations to discuss emerging technology, future workforce, regulations and transformation.

Providing a futurist's view on emerging threats of tomorrow we have Matthew Griffin (311 Institute). Along with panels on the topics of 'Scaling Securely and Sustainable AI' with speakers including Paul Brook (Dell), Arik Roztal (Nvidia), Hilary Tam (AWS) and more.

A Secure Workforce panel will discuss how to build a sustainable and robust security workforce for tomorrow by closing the skills gap, investing in education and training, and empowering organisations to tackle future challenges like automation and AI. You'll also have the chance to hear from Howard Watson (BT CTO), Rob Black (former Director UK Cyber Security Challenge) and Dr Andrea Cullen (co-founder of CAPSLOCK) speaking on these topics.

We'll be announcing the full agenda for the two stages in the coming weeks, but until then why not take a look at which members of the BT Senior Leadership team will be attending Secure Tomorrow or keep reading below to find out more about the festival's four main focus areas.

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Emerging technology

Enabling organisations to scale future tech securely and responsibly.

"Emerging Technology" aims to help organisations scale future technologies with a focus on security and responsibility. Key discussions include the integration of AI in cybersecurity along with the environmental impact and benefits of AI, the role of quantum computing, and sustainable network designs, along with exploring future cybersecurity trends.

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Providing the leadership required to empower the Workforce of the future.

"Workforce" focuses on highlighting the leadership skills necessary to prepare the workforce for the future. It focuses on bridging the cybersecurity skills gap through education, supporting small and medium enterprises, promoting diversity and inclusion in teams, raising cyber awareness, leveraging social engineering and data, and integrating advanced technologies such as biometrics and smart buildings.

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Ensuring a future-ready resilient business

"Regulations" is centred on preparing businesses to be resilient and future-ready. It encompasses navigating global compliance strategies, understanding climate-related disclosures, adapting to emerging cybersecurity laws, managing incident response and crisis situations, reducing technology's carbon footprint, ensuring overall legislative compliance, and enhancing supply chain resilience.

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Gearing up for growth by retooling tech ROI.

"Transformation" focuses on gearing up for growth by maximising the return on investment (ROI) in technology. It explores understanding the ROI of cybersecurity investments, enhancing the energy efficiency of IT systems, balancing innovation with security, leveraging cybersecurity as a growth enabler, and using networks to support decarbonisation efforts.