Adastral Park
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Showcase tours

Join us for a guided tour of the BT Innovation Showcases at Adastral Park, a captivating highlight of the event that promises to inspire and enlighten as we take a bold step towards a secure future. Immerse yourself in a world of ground-breaking technologies, ingenious ideas, remarkable solutions and innovations aimed at shaping a more secure and sustainable world. Discover how innovation can drive positive change through the application of new technologies.

Adastral Park is home to BT's largest innovation showcases, offering industry-themed spaces that are packed with new technologies and leading-edge concepts that could help solve the biggest challenges facing industry and beyond. The showcases cover nine industry areas: Digital Industries, Security, Retail, Street, Smart World, Home, Health, Bank and User Experience and Defence. Although the areas are industry focused the technologies could be applied to any number of applications, which is part of the design, enabling people to see the art of the possible with our network solutions.

Digital Industries showcase

From the wonders of fibre, to private 5G, satellites, drones, holograms, and 3D technologies without the need of headsets, our showcases hold over 350 demonstrations of purpose filled technologies which can provide timely and insightful solutions to the challenges of visitors no matter the problem (even those you didn't know you had!).

These spaces bring to life the art of the possible across our networks, and how we are working to understand the future needs of our network users, to build the infrastructure and services that enable the future to become a sustainable reality.

We're always adding new demos to the showcases, so even if you've attended one of our previous festivals, there'll be plenty of innovations to see.