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Due to the current coronavirus pandemic we are unable to hold any face to face activities at the moment, when the situation changes we will publish our programme on these pages.
Work experience: Virtual Careers & Life at Work Programme
The Careers & Life at Work team aim to support you and your students with our virtual work experience programme throughout the Covid period. We have put together a virtual scheme of 5 "Virtual Lessons in a Box". We are currently trialling this scheme and plan to deliver throughout the summer and into the autumn.
Our volunteers created content for the boxes to suit your students' needs. You can choose from hands-on tasks, pre-recorded presentations, live presentations, videos about careers and STEM subjects.
Our 'Lessons in the Box' Scheme is aimed at schools. Students who are interested will need to get in touch with their school's careers advisors. A member of staff will need to be involved for safe guarding.
If you are interested in the trial and our scheme please fill in the contact and applications form.
Virtual Work Experience - VWex
These take their inspiration from the traditional one week work experience for Year 10. Students from Year 10-13 will gain careers and company insights, will work on a significant STEM related tasks, and will learn work-life skills like presenting, team work, and time management.
The duration is 3-5 consecutive days. There will be periods of team and individual work.
Virtual Workshops - VWorkshop
These are very similar to VWex, just shorter and the tasks won't be quite as elaborate. Students from Year 10-13 will gain careers and company insights and will work on a STEM taster tasks.
The duration is 1-2 consecutive days. There will be periods of team and individual work.
Virtual Club - VClub
These are very similar to VWex, but delivered in small chunks over a period of time. A bigger task will be broken into smaller bits which can be done in 1-2 hour sessions over a number of weeks, insights will be provided through video links as well as live calls.
Virtual Insights - VInsights
Aimed at Year 7-9 this is a short experience of 1-2 hours to spur STEM interest and inspire career paths ahead of GCSE choices.
Virtual Spotlight - VSpotlight
A presentation of up to 1 hour that casts a spotlight on a particular aspect of work life like STEM subject matters, or career paths.
Other online resources
Please check out our STEM careers videos for some top tips and our 360° tour of Adastral Park.