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Would you like to inspire the next generation? Become a STEM Ambassador!
Published: 22 March 2022
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What can you do?
To help bridge the emerging STEM skills gap, you could volunteer and become a STEM Ambassador. STEM Ambassadors include people from a range of disciplines and backgrounds and they help bring a new and inspiring perspective to STEM lessons and career opportunities. You can work in Primary, Secondary or Further Education with the aim to enhance and support STEM subjects with students and/or teachers. This could be done in your own time outside work or you could engage with our Team by providing online content for our Virtual Learning Pages or, hopefully, in the near future in person as a volunteer at one of our schools events here at Adastral Park.

You only need to take part in one activity a year to maintain your STEM Ambassador membership, so if you already have contributed to any of our online events (see links below) - either by appearing in a video or being part of a Q&A session, this can all be credited to your STEM Ambassador Account.

British Science Week 2022 British Science Week 2021 Norwich Science Festival 2021 IET Open House Day Virtual Learning Videos

Becoming a STEM Ambassador not only helps your community and businesses but it also brings many benefits to you, including building your confidence, improving presentation skills and giving you a sense of satisfaction and achievement. Also, if you link your STEM Ambassador Account to BT then BT will get the national recognition of all the amazing work you do.

How to make it happen
If you're interested, then more information on how to start the Application Process can be found at Becoming a STEM Ambassador. Part of the Application Process includes an ID Document Check which can be tricky to do but to help you out, Alex Perry, our new STEMPOINT East Rep, will be coming to Adastral Park on Friday, 1 April from 11:30 to carry out these document checks in person. If you would like to book a slot with Alex, please email with your preferred times.

Any queries, please email and remember that within BT, each employee can use up to 3 days of company time to volunteer. More information can be found here.
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